Rocket Ron


An incredible day at the world snooker championships ended yesterday evening with Ronnie O’Sullivan chinning Mark Selby on the line to win their semi final 17-16. He plays Kyren Wilson in the final starting today at 1.30 pm, where he is the 3/10 favourite.

Ronnie was trailing 16-14 but went on to rattle off three frames in a row in swashbuckling style.

He’s now got a great chance to win his sixth world title to go just one behind Stephen Hendry. In terms of career ranking titles he’d go one ahead of the Scot to a record 37.

The Rocket is a hugely popular character amongst snooker fans with his quickfire play and unusual brand of charisma.

He burst on the scene as a teenager in the 90s, instantly becoming a favourite, and to many he’s the greatest snooker player of all time.

But he’s never even made the SPOTY shortlist. Surely this would change with victory on Sunday (assuming SPOTY goes ahead), particularly in a year with limited sporting stories.

There would be strong motivation to vote for Ronnie amongst his army of fans (and potentially multiple times) with an element of wanting to reward him for his achievements in the sport throughout his career.

Followers of the site are already covered on Lewis Hamilton at bigger prices. With the potential for O’Sullivan to out poll him and go favourite, he should also be added to the book. A cheap cover can be made on Wilson to win the title.

* 2.5 pts Ronnie O’Sullivan 5/1 William Hill, Bet 365, Betfred

* 0.75 pts Kyren Wilson to win the world championship 13/5 Paddy Power, Betfred, Betway

Let’s hope SPOTY gets the green light this year. If it doesn’t go ahead all SPOTY stakes should be refunded.

4 thoughts on “Rocket Ron”

  1. Agree on this, for all of the reasons mentioned. Ronnie has been inexplicably shunned on many occasions in past, but if he lands on the shortlist he could be very tough to beat. Hamilton is less popular than Ronnie for my money and his consistent success in F1 has a risk of seeming a bit samey. Tyson Fury is another very strong contender but his fight will feel like a long time ago come December.

    Any sporting events you reckon to keep an eye on for potential contenders between now and end of year?

    1. Think Ron would have a strong chance Apleximus. We were quite keen in 2018 when he missed the cut so would be good to get a different result this time.

      The novelty factor may well boost him ahead of Hamilton.

      I guess for the rest of the year the main one to monitor is Rory McIlroy – if he won the Masters in November he’d complete the career slam of majors. He’s a 9/1 shot to do so. Other than that there doesn’t seem too much on the horizon barring a miracle Murray or Froome performance.

  2. Intrigued as to the Marcus Rashford situation, now odds on across the board. What he’s done and continues to do is incredible – still some time to go until the big night but one would imagine that the campaign will still be relevant in the coming months. If he makes the shortlist surely he wins comfortably?

    Though whether he makes the shortlist is the big question. First and foremost you’d think they’d look at sporting achievement and nothing that Rashford and/or United have done on the pitch this year (zero cup finals, third in the League) would make you think he should be on there, in spite of what he has done off the pitch.

    1. Yes, this is a huge story that the govt don’t seem to be handling well and could still yet u-turn on. If he’s nominated he should win by a wide margin. Based on the usual criteria (2019 Ts and Cs: nominations are on sporting achievement.

      As you say Rashford’s sporting achievements don’t seem enough. But maybe the panel will include him due to the cut through he continues to have – he is the sports person making the biggest impact. This year of all years makes it hard to be too sure either way.

      The following term may give them scope to include him: ‘The Panel have the right to amend elements of this or other awards such as the criteria or numbers shortlisted, should a consensus view be reached – provided such changes remain within the spirit of the award.’ (thanks to @DrRoss76 for spotting that). We don’t even know that this year will be based on the same terms or when any shortlist may be announced (usually end of November, although in 2018 it was on the night).

      Alternatively the show may give credit to him some other way, with another award or a feature on him and him presenting one of the awards, for example. The danger for the show is that the issue might be considered too political now and overshadow the nature of what the main award has always been about. On the other hand there will be plenty of social media noise saying that Rashford is the real SPOTY.

      Will be interesting to see how the BBC manage the situation. We’ll need to keep an eye out for the next official comms and word on when any shortlist may be announced.

      It’s all another example of how nothing can be taken for granted in these types of specials markets and how the ‘true’ odds can rely so precariously on whatever certain decision makers come up with!

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