selection – GB Davis cup lay

* 2 pts GB Davis Cup lay around 2.35 on Betfair

This site has built up a fair bit of interest in Andy Murray for SPOTY through the year and if GB win the Davis Cup he will hopefully shorten significantly. GB possibly look a bit short to do so though (will likely play Belgium away in the final if they beat Australia this weekend) so given this, and the number of points on Murray to far, I thought it might be worth levelling things up a little.

There is annoyingly a bit of twilight zone to the Andy Murray – Davis Cup – SPOTY equation. That is if say GB win the Davis Cup but the heroics in doing so come from someone else in the team and Murray has a mediocre final. There is also a bit of a question mark over when the shortlist is announced (usually end of November) and whether it would be before (which might mean some doubt as to whether Murray would be on it) or after the final (which ends on 29 November). All this can be monitored nearer the time should GB win this weekend.

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