Steven Gerrard and Liverpool

It’s of course very likely that Man City will win the title today (trading at 1.05 on Betfair).

However, it is worth keeping an eye on the SPOTY market just in case something unexpected happens and West Ham take the lead at some point.

In relation to this we have some very useful information about what may happen to Steven Gerrard’s SPOTY price. A couple of weeks ago when Liverpool were long odds on to win the title, Gerrard went down to as short 1.74. So if Liverpool won the title then we should fully expect such a price again, probably even shorter.

It’s unlikely but there is potential for decent trading opportunities if it looks like Liverpool could win the title at any point this afternoon. Liquidity may not be best on Betfair but the bookies may be a bit slower to change their Gerrard SPOTY prices should things start going Liverpool’s way and it would be worth checking their prices (with the potential to lay Liverpool in play to hedge liabilities):

I’ll be posting in more detail at some point soon about how other (more likely) opportunities similar to this can come about during the year and how such opportunities can be traded effectively.

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